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According to a study held by Flexjobs  virtual administration has become the 2nd fastest growing remote career categories in over 100,000 jobs.

Who is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is an independent contractor hired by other business companies or clients to help them with their experiences in various fields from remote locations. With advancements in technology and high-speed internet, sharing of documents and other information has become easy and cheaper than ever. So, the demand for virtual assistants has increased rapidly. Virtual assistants are preferred by various online businesses and enterprises that do not want a permanent staff at a specific location. As compared to permanent staff freelancers can work day and night to get the project done because they get paid per project.

What does a virtual assistant do?

A Virtual Assistant can do almost everything for you when it comes to its job. Some virtual assistants are experts in data entry while some find their interest in marketing. A virtual assistant can also help in managing social media activities or it can manage your meeting schedule for you. A virtual assistant can design a web or write a blog for you. A virtual assistant is what you want him to be!

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Want to become a Virtual Assistant!!!
Being a Virtual assistant is like being your boss!
Here are some steps you must follow to be a successful VA.

Virtual assistant earning

1) You Know your Talent more than everyone (The best part)

You know your skills better so; you must determine what are you going to do as a Virtual Assistant. If you have skills and you have made your mind to becoming a Virtual assistant. You just have to be yourself. For example; If you good at writing and you want the job of a web designer it will not work. So first you must know what is the best thing you can do. If you are good at management or marketing you must go with these skills as a virtual assistant.

2) Carefully Describe your offer

Up till now, you have a pretty good idea of what is a Virtual Assistant. If you have skills and you have made your mind to becoming a Virtual assistant, you must briefly describe what you offer to your client. Don’t make it complex for your client keep it as simple as you can. You must have to convince your client why should he hire you and what benefits he can have by hiring you. Give your best and make your reputation first as a beginner.

3) Don’t bite off more than you can chew

First, you must determine:
Do you want to be a part-time worker?
Are you doing this to earn a little extra money?
Your daily schedule and your free hours
This is crucial because it will determine the kind of work you will able to handle so you should be able to complete your task and made a good impact on your clients.

4) Choose your pay

One of the best things in being Virtual Assistant is that you can choose your salary. You can charge per hour or per day. You may charge per project. Some things you should have in your mind before deciding your pay.

  • This is your part-time job
  • You don’t have medical insurance
  • You are a contractor
  • Self-employed tax is applied on you
  • No paid vacations
  • No retirement contribution

You must keep these points in your mind so you should charge a bit extra than a normal worker. Employers also know these needs and will pay you.

5) It’s good to have your website

It is not like that you must have a website but it’s a pretty good idea to have one. It’s like having a powerful virtual C V. If you are a remote worker you have to sell yourself as an expert on your file in online communication. And having a website is the best way to showcase your work. From your website, your client will know your work in a better and professional way. In online business professionalism = Reliability. The more professional you look the more chances you have to get clients.
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6) Built your Network

As a Virtual Assistant, you need to build a network for getting more work. Some guidelines are here you need to follow:

A. Find friends in your field

Find a group of people that match your soul in your field. Having a group of people around you in your field would help you a lot because they share their work and experience with you and if you found some problems, they are here to help you.
o Search on some social media groups that share your niche

B. Be active on social media

Social media is a platform; you can use for your benefits. Share your posts on different social media accounts to get noticed by clients.

C. Make relationships with your clients

Working for your client is not enough. You should be very polite and professional with your clients. Make good relations with your clients so these clients want to work with you in the future.

D. Find your work

If you are a beginner you have to find work and you have to convince your client that why should he hire you. Pith your offers daily and regularly check them.

E. Offer a trial period

If you are new and not getting any work making this offer helps you to gain interest from your client. If you offer a trial period there is a greater chance that the client will test you. And if you are good at your work you may end up building long-term relations with your clients.

7) Apply in different Freelancing places

There are a lot of Freelancing websites where you can find work and get extra money. If you don’t have enough work you must visit these websites. These websites will help you find your work in a shorter period especially when you are a beginner.

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