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Top 10 Mobile Phones in 2017 – Which one to buy!

As we all know that buying a new mobile phone is a hectic thing to do! Although not for everyone. The reason behind this is simple there are a lot of smartphones with high-end specifications. These specifications may lead you to confusion. Which one should I buy?

That’s the reason people are willing to check the list of top 10 smartphones of the year. So, they can make decision wisely and easily. As there are many users who don’t want to change their phones usually. On other hand some mobile phone users love to change the phone to enjoy the specifications of the new mobile phone.

Top 10 smartphones- mobile phones - softpaisa

They just want to check the specs of the phone by experience their usage.

There is good news for both kinds of users that the Smartphone’s are getting better and better with possible specs in the minimum price range.

So, if you want to buy a Smartphone in 2017 and still confuse then you should check the list of top 10 Smartphones 2017.

This list contains the top 10 mobile phones of the year 2017. However; there are many mobile phones which you thought to be best but unfortunately are not! And wise versa.

The list contains mobile phones manufactured by Motorola, Apple, Samsung, and many more. But one thing for sure that you might be amazed by watching this list of mobile phones.

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How to calculate the Ranking of Mobile phones?

However; the mobile phone’s ranking depends on many factors like RAM, ROM, Storage, Camera result, Screen resolution, CPU, number of SIM’s, Sound, water-proof or many other.

But the mobile phone which offers the most and getting users’ attention will be the winner in this race. However; mobile phone companies are trying hard to compete with each other by providing maximum specs within the possible minimum price.

How redmi creating tough competition

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