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What is software

( Software developer ) I hope you have read Beauty and the beast already! The relation of computer (Beast) and software (Beauty) is just like that. The more powerful the beast (Computer) the more beauty (advanced software) you required to control it.

Now come to its original definition:

The software can be defined as a set of instructions or programs used to control computers and to perform required tasks design by a Software developer. Software is considered a variable part of computers and hardware is a non-variable part of the computer.

Types of Software

The software is categorized into two major groups
●       Application software 
●        System software

System software

The system software is like a link between hardware and computer user. This type of software controls the behavior of the hardware and aid the user to perform the basic functions of the computer. The system software is very important in managing the whole computer system. It is the system software that gets loaded in the memory of the system when you turn on your computer. This system runs in backgrounds.

Types of system software

Operating System: It is one of the most important system software. It provides services and aids for the other applications that run over them. Each operating system is different from others like single-user, multiuser, internet, distributed, and many more. Every device requires an operating system to perform its functions. You must know the specification of hardware before using an operating system.

Following are some examples of the different operating system:

●       Android
●       MS Windows
●       Ubuntu
●       iOS
●       Linux

Device Drivers:

This software controls a specific part of the hardware, attached to the system. Hardware devices required a driver to connect to the system like displays driver, printer’s driver, and hard disks drivers.

Some device drivers are below:

●       Motherboard Drivers
●       Display Drivers
●       Printer Drivers
●       Sound card Driver
●       USB Drivers
●       VGA Drivers


This software is permanently stored on the hardware devices. This software provides information about how this device will interact with other devices & hardware systems. It can update itself with coding of Software developer
Examples are below:
●       BIOS
●       Computer Peripherals
●       Embedded Systems
●       UEFI
●       Consumer Applications

Programming Language Translators

These programs help to convert complex and high-level code language into simple and easy language code for a machine. These translators may be Compiler, Interpreter, and Assemblers. These translators can perform the following programs:

●       Offer diagnostic reports
●       Assign data storage
●       Rectify system errors during the runtime
●       Enlist source code as well as program details


This kind of software help in maintaining a computer system. Utility software supports the infrastructure of a computer by analyzing and configuring the errors. Utility includes management tools, compression tools, antivirus and they are develop from different Software developer.

●       Antivirus
●       Security tools
●       File compressor
●       Disk cleaner
●       Data backup software

Application Software

This kind of software is also called productivity programs. Application software helps the user to perform its required tasks like designing graphics, setting up an alarm, or do online work, and even playing games. Application software is specific in its functions and used by the end-user. For example, Google Chrome is an application software designed for browsing the internet or skype is for video calling. All the apps you see on the mobile phones are examples of application software.

These are some types of Application software:

Database Software: This software helps in creating and managing databases. This software is also called DBMS. There are some examples of this:

●       MySQL
●       FileMaker
●       Clipper
●       MS Access
●       dBase

Web Browsers

Application software that is for browsing on the internet. Some examples are:

●       Microsoft Edge
●       Google Chrome
●       Internet Explorer
●       UC Browser
●       Opera

Graphics Software

This application software is to make changes in images of visual data. It gives you the freedom to make your visual data according to your wish. Examples are:

●       Corel-DRAW
●       Adobe Photoshop
●       Paintshop pro
●       Blender

Word Processors

This application is for documentation. It helps in editing a document, changing its formatting, and also help in printing of these documents. These are the examples:

●       MS world
●       Google Docs
●       Corel font manager
●       Adobe reader pro
●       Abiword

Multimedia Software

This type of software is for creating, recording, and playing audio and video files. Animation, image editing, and graphics are created with Multimedia Software. There are examples:

●        Abode Photoshop
●       VLC Media Player
●       Corel photo paint
●       Windows Media Player
●       Movies&TV

Education and Reference Software

Education and Reference Software help learn a particular subject. There are tutorials and academic software. Examples are:

·        BYJU’s
·        Khan Academy
·        UDEMY
·        Wikipedia


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