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Shabby Chic - softpaisa

If you are one of those who like to follow interior trends, surely you have often heard the word Shabby Chic, right? Not infrequently, you can also see Shabby Chic-style knick-knacks that are starting to stick out in various markets and retail stores.

Shabby Chic - softpaisa

Basically, the Shabby Chic trend is something that has to do with vintage elegance and style. Shabby Chic will always remind you of the design style that smells of beautiful villages in Paris that feels comfortable and calm. The Shabby Chic trend also often leads to soft and asymmetrical floral motifs. However, its beauty is increasingly sticking out due to the free accent.

The Shabby Chic design itself has actually been around for a long time, both for everyday lifestyles and especially for interior trends. Precisely around the late 80s to early 90s, many began to like the Shabby Chic trend for their homes. It seems that the Shabby Chic trend for home arrangement will also be increasingly booming in this digital era.

Shabby Chic - softpaisa

Well, for those of you who are still curious or want to explore the Shabby Chic trend, Todayselection will discuss Shabby Chic thoroughly! In the end, you will understand why this Shabby Chic trend is so seductive and you shouldn’t miss it.

What exactly is Shabby Chic?

Shabby Chic is an interior design trend, especially in furniture and home decor that is deliberately chosen and used because of its vintage, old-fashioned and beautiful antique elements. Sure, seeing a shabby chic interior can evoke a feeling of comfort and relaxation with a romantic and feminine feel that is elegant.

In addition to the cool lifestyle of Shabby Chic, many also like it because  Shabby Chic is a relatively inexpensive interior theme. Naturally, because Shabby Chic tends to prioritize furniture or objects that have been used and have a distinctive time frame.

Shabby Chic - softpaisa

In fact, many like to experiment with old furniture that is simply repainted and redesigned to produce “new” furniture in a vintage Shabby Chic style. You can try the lifestyle theme.

An Interesting Brief History of Shabby Chic Do you know?

The lifestyle trend for Shabby. Chic was first started in the early 1900s, to be precise in England. Can you imagine the many expanses of green fields and country-style houses that existed at that time? Rural communities in England who lived outside the city in England at that time were people with low purchasing power and were poor. As a result, many of their furniture looks worn and faded.

Shabby Chic - softpaisa

However, in the early 1980s, the Shabby. Chic trend began to emerge, especially among well-off British people. They are also competing to get classic quality furniture and have a unique story for hundreds of years. The more antique and vintage a Shabby. Chic furniture they get, the higher the prestige and value of an object. Hence, they are not arbitrary in choosing goods, it’s better to come out a little expensive, but of better quality than those that are easily damaged.

Now, nowadays, you no longer need to be competing to find old Shabby. Chic furniture or wall hangings. Thanks to a modern twist and a dynamic design, there are lots of knick-knacks and furniture that are quite affordable but have a distinctive and seductive Shabby. Chic element.

Trying the Shabby Chic Lifestyle Trend in Your Home

Want to try the Shabby Chic lifestyle trend in your home? The method is easy. Applying the Shabby Chic design can be done slowly or all at once, depending on your taste.

Shabby Chic - softpaisa

For those of you who are still not completely convinced of the Shabby. Chic trend, just starts with one or two Shabby. Chic furniture or knick-knacks. Replace the furniture in the existing room with Shabby. Chic style furniture with a similar function. You can also work around this by adding some small to medium-sized home decorations. The key is to add an element of warmth and comfort to the home without having to sacrifice a lot of money. So you can start with a room mirror, photo frame,  put drinking utensils such as glasses or cups.

Shabby Chic - softpaisa

Another tip that will certainly help you a lot in changing the atmosphere of your home with Shabby. Chic is to seek lots of inspiration for Shabby. Chic from various available sources. Whether from interior magazines, the website for browsing in cyberspace which has lots of adorable Shabby. Chic inspirations. The more you are inspired, the more observant you will be in choosing Shabby. Chic products that match your home.

Turning Furniture Into Shabby Chic Style

Interested in experimenting with existing furniture? Really can!

Shabby Chic - softpaisa

Many Shabby Chic furniture uses a white color theme as the main color. Choose a white paint that tends to have an “old” impression compared to a sparkling bright white. In addition, other colors that are popular in the Shabby Chic lifestyle are light blue, rose and leaf green. But you can also experiment with other pastel colors like yellow or purple. You can apply this to the living room sofa, table, or chair.

As long as the colors you choose to have accents that are muted, light and slightly faded. Remember, the key is to achieve  a natural vintage aura. Generally, this Shabby Chic  style  is very suitable to be applied in the living room.

Shabby Chic - softpaisa

Here are some tips and techniques that you can use to turn the furniture in your home  classic Shabby. Chic style furniture:

  • Choose old, but new furniture. To start, you can try with medium to small furniture such as a coffee table, side table or coffee table,  cabinet, or even a mirror. Feel free to pay a visit to a relative or relative’s house that has furniture lying around for your Shabby. Chic experiment!
  • After getting the furniture you want, don’t just paint it with the color you choose. First, clean the existing stain by sanding it with sand paper.
  • Choose a medium to large brush and start painting in one direction. After it is completely dry, wait one day for the polish to be overwritten. Many also like to spray wax for a ripe finish.

Don’t want to bother with experimenting or DIY yourself? Just look for home decor inspiration and Shabby. Chic furniture experts according to your taste in your nearest area.

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