SEO Techniques

SEO Techniques – 5 Quickly plus Modest SEO Ideas

SEO Techniques

So here are five really simple ideas.

1. Page Titles

SEO Techniques: The best way is to get in a good keyword or two for your business’s main offer, don’t make the title too large as Google will shorten it and it may lose its meaning in the natural search results viewing pane. Look for relevance to what is on the page, to the content you are asking readers to look at. Go through your site and give each page a relevant title, that is in tune with the content within the page.

2. H1 tags

SEO Techniques: This is just the main bold header on your pages, the one that gives meaning to the text content below. so again, make it simple and relevant to your content, i.e. if you were a domestic cleaning company in London, you could have ‘Professional House Cleaners in London’ so that it’s a fairly good match to what terms many searchers are using. To organize your content as you would if writing a short story, put in these tags throughout your main copy, or ask your web designer to do it for you.

3. Body Copy

SEO Techniques: The content of your pages is very important, it needs to satisfy the viewer, as in it needs to engage them with meaningful words they understand and can make sense of, but also you need to include some of the main keywords that are good matches to the content of the page, i.e. ‘home cleaning is just one of our many services’ so the idea is to include maybe 3 or 4 keywords on that page, don’t go mad here like Google and other search engines are looking for cheaters and making your copy too dense with keywords may work against you. SEO services

4. Meta page description and keywords

SEO Techniques: Although some say it is not included in the algorithms of many search engines, I still think it plays its part, so cover it and you might as well cover it well. The meta page description is visible in your search results under your page title, when it is too long, just like the Title Tag, Google will just include the main part of it. So the idea is keep it on message and reasonably short. Then the viewer gets your description’s full meaning. Choose your page keywords to mirror the content on your page, you should have separate meta content for each page on your site.

SEO Techniques

5. Page URL’s

This just refers to the web address at the top of your page so (going back to our home cleaning business example) i.e. would be the URL for your page on kitchen cleaning and so on through your site. This makes it much easier for Google’s and other search engine’s web crawlers to assimilate your content into a logical order, that is really all a web crawler is doing, looking for the most logical content for a given search term.

So that’s it, not comprehensive, but a few ideas to get your SEO Gold Coast off to a good start. The best way to get good results and actual conversions from your site is to have a foot in each camp; the cold logic employed by the website crawler and it’s guiding algorithm, and the emotional reasoning of your public, who simply want to find what they are looking for.

Good luck and have fun, the web is mostly about experimenting. Just one last thing that I am asked a lot about is when clients are thinking about replacing their website, but fear losing the ranking they have achieved with their old site. This situation is very much like a formula 1 team keeping their driver out on soft slicks that are due for a change, over time performance will be reduced and it’s time for a pit stop.

So I have found that if you do replace a site, as long as you keep the SEO structure in place, as on the old site, with a similar depth of content and everything checked carefully before go-live, a dramatic fall in rankings does not have to be the case. My own website, which was completely changed earlier this year, didn’t lose a single place for my chosen search term, further demonstrating my point. Although obviously, I am not to be held accountable for your results, it is just what I have observed from both my clients and my own experience.

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