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Background of words

Let your words earn your money : Story telling expresses the culture and traditions of a society. Storytelling is not today’s job, its history is as old as the human itself. It is older than any human language. Caveman uses hand signs and paintings to tell a story or an event. Thousands of years old storytelling paintings have been found in caves. Cave of Beasts is more than 7,000 years old, and The Painted Tomb at Hierakonposds is more than 55,000 years old. Both paintings describe the traditions and culture of that era.

The world has seen the greatest storytellers from Aristotle, a Greek philosopher to William Shakespeare, a world greatest dramatist (Wikipedia). If you are good at storytelling or you have the skills to engage your audience, you can sell your skills and earn a handsome amount of money.

Work of a Storyteller

Words are everything, Do you listen to motivational speakers? Do you ever observe how they can engage such a big audience? Do you ever notice the style of their speaking, body language, emotions, suspense, and how they use little jokes to control their audience?

Have you ever seen a person/ friend of yours who could mesmerize his listeners just by telling a story or about an event? How he convinces the people around him to his point.  

How did these people connect with their audiences?
What is the difference between a good story or a bad story?
How can you create great content and become a good storyteller?

The good thing/words about storytelling is there is no hard and fast rule or a specific template for telling a story. It doesn’t matter what topic you chose or what is the background of that story. But here are some tips that can help you in many ways. Here are some simple steps that make a story look good

Know your audience interest

A good storyteller always knows his audience. He knows what his audience wants to hear from it and what they are passionate about. For instance; When Elon Musk stands in front of his audience to tell the story about his new spacecraft or Tesla truck, he clearly understands what type of audience he has. If they are space lovers he will speak about space crafts and the projects he is going to launch related to space.

If he is facing Tesla truck lovers he definitely goes with discussing technologies related to electric trucks, cars, or other related projects. He will not discuss Apple products or how Google works. That’s how he can engage his followers. If You want to become a good storyteller you must have an idea about your audience and if you can engage your listeners with your words, you surely are a good storyteller.

Plan your Story or words

If you are new, you might have some complexes like the lake of confidence or fear of how your audience will react. Not to worry, Just be confident about your story! One thing you should care about is to make a plan, how you gonna tell your story. If you think you may forget some points, you can write your main points and take them with you while telling a story but do not bury your head in that piece of paper. The audience is not gonna like this.

As your skills as a storyteller develop, you will be more comfortable and experienced. The more you practice the better you become. If you are lucky enough to develop a good and interesting story, your story can become part of a novel.

Be Personal

It is human nature to get interested when listening to other human stories. Storytellers who share their personal experience with their audience are more likely to engage their audience than the formal storyteller who does not share their life experience with listeners.
What kind of story would you prefer?

Bill Gates telling about how google team uses algorithms and how google assistant work?
How bill gates overcome his failures and become a successful man.
I personally would like to hear about his life failures. How about you!!! Tell me in the comment section below.

Be Creative and Unique with your words

If you want to be a successful storyteller, you must get out of your comfort zone. Sometimes most experienced storytellers come up with the same old ideas when trying to develop a new story. Keep in mind the audience always wants to hear something unique and different. If you keep telling the same story, again and again, the audience will lose their interest, that’s the last thing you would want. You must build-up courage and come up with new and different material for your story. You can add some personal experience or related jokes that would probably attract your audience.

Focus on your Main points and words

If your story has some particular narrative, make sure to present it effectively, you won’t want to miss the main point of your story, would you?
Make sure there is at least one related point in every section of your story. This will keep your audience engaged.

You can sandwich your story in three main points. Get started with the first point and add some details like related quotes or events. It will quickly grab your audience’s attention.  Use the second point when you are in the middle of your story to increase your audience interest. The third point should be the last sentence of your storytelling. It will insert a great impression on your audience, and that is what you want.

Give some surprises with your words

When your audience already knows what exactly you are going to tell them, they may lose their interest as they already know what is about to come. And as a storyteller, it is your job to take care of that sort of problem. Work with little surprises, just like the best fiction writers and public speakers do. They always have a surprise under their sleeves, and they know when to reveal it. Once your audience gets surprised, you will regain their attention.
Storytelling words architecture.

How Much a Storyteller can earn

You, probably thinking how much can a storyteller earn, and in this busy life who has time to listen to your story and to pay you.

Storyteller earning

The answer is

Storytelling/saying words collection has become a whole market. Some people are earning more than a million dollars per year, and some are charging up to $100 per hour. Yes, it is true!!!
But it is a matter of time when you get experienced. It’s up to you how much you charge your audience.

Story teller earning

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