How to Prepare and strategy for GATE 2021-softpaisa

How to Prepare and strategy for GATE 2021

The GATE Exam is conducted by the GATE committee in 8 zones across the country at a national level. For admissions to postgraduate programs (M.Tech, ME, MS, and Direct Ph.D.) in premier institutions with financial assistance, the GATE exam score is used. Public Sector Enterprises( PSUs) use G.A.T.E scores to hire for entry-level positions.

It is one of the most prestigious engineering examinations and witnesses a number of candidates every year. Bachelor’s degrees in professional courses or master’s degrees in any branch of science holders and final year students of such programs can apply for GATE Exam. At present, the exam is administered in 23 disciplines.

How to Prepare and strategy for GATE 2021-softpaisa

Importance of GATE score

  • Straight entry to any of the leading prestigious engineering institutes.
  • High salaries and great placements.
  • Distinguished Scholarships.
  • Pathway to get into the finest PSUs of India.
  • Fulfils the eligibility for the award of Junior Research Fellowship in CSIR Laboratories and CSIR sponsored projects.

GATE has cut-throat competition, one of the most often asked question is what should be the GATE 2021 Preparation Strategy?

While the success in GATE Exam 2021 solely depends on the candidate’s preparation and academic level combined with hard work and dedication,  there are several factors and tips which help in getting the highest score as per the ability.

Start as early as possible:

By beginning the preparation process early, students will be able to plan their studies and collect study material early which will be needed for preparation. So that you get enough time to strategize and to study the various courses and topics present in the GATE exam syllabus while parallelly prioritizing health and relaxation.

Get thorough with the GATE Syllabus and Exam Pattern:

One of the most important things is to go through the syllabus in detail and make a list of subjects that require more practice. Another important thing is to get aware of GATE Exam Pattern as a good understanding of the exam pattern will let students understand how to go about their GATE exam preparation process since G.A.T.E exam has many types of questions and consists of compulsory sections also. Identify the weightage of strong subjects in the G.A.T.E exam, early.

Correct Study Materials and Books:

It is very necessary that after you are well versed with the syllabus and exam pattern, a correct pattern of books and study materials should be followed which are designed specifically for GATE exam. There are several books in Engineering, which have a lot of knowledge and are beneficial for passing semester exams, but they are not at all required for GATE exam. Students should strictly study according to the G.A.T.E syllabus.

Create a Study Plan:

Usually, students start preparing for GATE exam from the third year onwards. Also, this year’s third-year students can also appear for G.A.T.E exam as directed by the official notification of IIT Bumbay, it is always better to start early. So it is very important to follow a strict preparation plan and be consistent throughout the phase of preparation.

Aptitude and Mathematics:

There are many candidates who study Aptitude and Mathematics in the last phase when only a few days are left for the GATE exam but it is always advisable to focus on Engineering Mathematics and Aptitude a little earlier as these are very easy and high scoring. On the other hand, you will only fetch 70 marks by a combination of 12-13 major technical subjects.

Notes and Short-Notes:

It is always advisable to prepare self-notes and self-short notes as this will help you during revision and also there will be an idea in the mind of what is where. No need to find it as all will be there in your mind. Short notes are very important as at the peak time, you won’t study and revise full notes and watch lectures. Short-notes will help you to revise in no time and get a clear picture of the important topics. Benefits of teamwork for students

Conceptual Knowledge:

There are very few questions that are direct formula-based in GATE exam. G.A.T.E is a highly conceptual exam so one needs to focus and try to understand concepts rather than learning formulas. This will also help you in various other stages after G.A.T.E like the interview.

Virtual Calculator:

One must start using virtual calculator while solving problems at home also as virtual calculator is way different from actual calculator and one need to set their hand on it before using it during the actual exam.

Problem Solving:

Once done with the concepts, you should focus on solving more and more problems as GATE is an aptitude paper and the applications of the concepts are usually asked through numerical.


It is always beneficial to revise the complete subject in parallel to the running subject as there are chances of forgetting the subject completely as a vast syllabus has to be completed before appearing for GATE exam.

Previous Year Questions and Mock Tests:

One should solve the previous 25 years’ questions of GATE exam and analyze what all is asked. Also after the completion of every subject, one must attempt a subject-wise mock, and also at least one must give 20 full-length mocks before actually appearing for G.A.T.E exam. This helps in time management skills and reduces silly mistakes in the actual G.A.T.E paper.

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