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Statistics on freelancing in U.S stated that in 2018 the number of freelancers hired in America was 56.7 million, an increase of 3.7 million freelancers since 2014. Some of these freelancers were full-time workers and others were just doing this in their free time. This part-time freelancer work Is now called “Gig Economy”.

If you want to join this flourishing gig economy and earn money aside from your full-time job, you must completely understand its advantages alongside its disadvantages and the challenges you may face in this field.

Who is a Freelancer? 

A self-employed person who offers his services to clients on his terms. A freelancer can deal with multiple clients at the same time. Freelancers have free choice to adjust their schedules, work according to their wishes, and have a much flexible lifestyle. Services he provides could be anything from sharing his knowledge and experience in his relevant field to rent his car or physical work like walking a client pet.

Some most demanding freelance services are

  • Writing /Editing
  • Software developing/Designing
  • Social Media Manager
  • Virtual Assistant 
  • Graphic Design 
  • Web Development/Design 
  • Teaching/Tutoring 
  • Story telling
  • Audio recording 
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Project Management 

How freelancing works?

Freelancers get paid usually on a per-task basis, can charge on hourly or daily basis. Rates are decided by freelancers according to their skills.

How much a freelancer can earn from freelancing?

Earnings of a freelancer can vary and depend upon working and convincing skills you have. You can convince a client to pay more for lesser work. And if you are an expert in your field your earning are more than others. You can charge from 5$ to-1500$ per hour and you even can earn 6000$ or more with a single project. Freelancers get paid quickly. Earn more like freelance writer

High Demand freelancing Around the World

Surely, high competition in freelancing and need quality work, along with this freelancing marketing is growing at a rapid rate. People are moving to freelance instead of having permanent employers. Because freelancers cost less than a regular employee.

These are some websites from where you can start your journey as a freelancer and if you are and expert of your work, these websites are here to help you what you need. 


If you are a beginner Fiverr could be the best place to get started. With its free learning courses, you can sharpen your skills it also helps you to get your clients and teach you how to make your gig, a perfect one. You can place your completed projects on your profile so customers can get more confidence.


On this platform, you can work for world-famous clients like Dropbox, Microsoft, Automattic, and many more. It has free collaboration tools to help you. It guides you according to your work. According to Statista 50M$ were paid to freelancer in 2019 in the U.S

Capture upwork
Capture upwork


Toptal is for you if you are an expert in your work because this website only hires the top 3% of freelancers across the world and quality means more money to the freelancers.

Simply Hired


This platform helps to find jobs around your location. The best thing about this website is that it has a salary and fee estimated tool that help you to place a bit at the best price to your clients. This website helps you to create a good resume and teaches you many more things. 


This website has more than 1.5 million freelancers that give their services and with every project, they get a rating, and this rating help client to choose according to its needs. You should set a reasonable fee for your work to get hired by your client.



Aquent claims that they only hire an experienced worker and it has won many awards as a freelancing website. This platform only delivers high-quality work and if you think you had enough experience you are very welcome to Aquent. There is also a salary guide which helps you to charge according to your skills.


N.e.x.x.t is becoming very popular around freelancers and it has more than 60 million talented candidates. It also rates from 1 to 7 to its freelancers which are very helpful to its clients.

Writer Access

Writer Access is the best place if you are a freelance writer. It has all kinds of fields related to writing jobs like website content, Article writing, Blog creating, and so on. This website has its tools like Content planners, Keyword Optimization, and content analytics to help you work more effectively.


This website has more than 32 million workers that are working in different fields of freelancing. Here you can register yourself free and be a part of this organization. Thousands of jobs are being posted every day on this platform.



Register yourself to GURU.COM and be one of the 3 million freelancers around the world. On this website, a lot of jobs are waiting for you. This platform offers different types of jobs like web development, Photo, and video editing, content writing, and much more.

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