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CBSE School in Noida: Here is what parents need to know

CBSE School: Education provides the basis for your children’s future. Finding the right school has a long-term impact on them. If you want to make sure they’re on the right track, they are growing up with the values that you want them to have, and they are learning to be who they are meant to be, then pick the right school. Here are a few things you’ll want to observe before you enroll your kids.

Affiliations and Accreditations of CBSE School

If you want your kids to be in the best CBSE school in Noida, know what those top schools are. Check out the ones affiliated to CBSE school. Who awarded that affiliation? Awards and accolades are an excellent indication that you have the right school in your sights. That means that the people behind the school work hard to achieve those results. The awards are proof that you’ve made the right choice for your children.


Does the CBSE school have the right facilities in place? Does it have more than enough room in its classrooms? When schools open for in-person classes, will the school have enough room to enforce social distancing rules and guidelines? Also, take a look at the sports activities that it offers kids. Does the CBSE school have the space and amenities to support those activities? If your child is a star athlete, then this is a major consideration. Make sure you check for a library, cafeteria, labs, and more.

Safety and Security

You want to make sure that you’re leaving your kids in a safe environment. What safety and security measures does the school have in place? Is there a type of security system? What about guards? Also, are the exits and entry points of the CBSE school well-guarded to make sure that none of the kids can go out without supervision and to keep anyone who isn’t authorized to be there from coming in and potentially putting the kids at risk. Also, if there’s a fire, how will the CBSE school respond to that? If someone is hurt on the premises, what is the CBSE school’s process and protocol?

CBSE School-softpaisa


Another consideration is the reputation of the school. How long has the school been around? What is it known for in education circles? What do students’ former and current ones say about the school? When you do your homework, check out feedback from staff and students. Go over the school’s site to learn more about the CBSE school, how it started,

What it’s mission and values are, and how all that reflect on its reputation. And as for feedback, check the social media pages of the school. These channels tend to have an informal tone so that will give you a better sense of the school’s environment and whether it’s a good match with your kids, given their personalities. Click for international nursery school


What kind of curriculum does the school have? Enrolling your kids into a school with an internationally-recognized curriculum provides them with a ton of opportunities. This will make it easier for them to transfer to other schools, even abroad. Internationally-recognized curricula are also known for their high learning standards, which means that your kids are learning from the best. When they grow up, that education will offer them plenty of advantages.

Medium of Instruction

Pick a school that uses English as a medium of instruction. That way, your kids will be familiar with the language at such an early age. That will ensure fluency when they grow up. If you want to make it easier for your child to conquer the demands and challenges of the modern world, learning how to communicate is on top of that list. With English being widely spoken everywhere, you’ll want your child to be well versed in the language as well.


Some offer afterschool activities such as film watching. Some offer sports activities. Others give your kids the chance to participate in more in-depth training for writing, drawing, cooking, and more. If you want to boost your children’s extracurricular profile, then take a look at those offerings. What kind of activities do your kids enjoy? Which activities are strongly aligned with their interests? That helps. You want them motivated and engaged throughout the semester.

COVID-19 Response

How did the school handle the global pandemic? Does it have the resources to shift to e-learning? What guidelines and assistance does it provide its students, teachers, and staff? What policies did the school change to provide support for COVID guidelines? In case someone tests positive, does the school have plans in place to deal with that? Also, does the school provide mental health assistance to its teachers and students? How are they helping parents, kids, and teachers cope with the changes brought on by the pandemic?

Choose the right school for your child. Be sure to check for these considerations.

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