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Become a freelance writer and earn money

freelance writer is the one who writes for some extra money aside from his regular job (if he has one). He is a self-employed person who works for his own. It’s up to the freelance writer what kind of job they want to do. 

He can write blogs for websites or individuals, they can ghostwrite posts if their client wants them to do, they can write for magazines or newspapers, they can write the script for a movie or drama, they can Copywrite for a product if a client demands it, they can write articles for customers or webpages.

Benefits of being a freelance writer 

Choose your hours for work 
Choose for who you want to work
Be your own boss
Spend more time with your family (In real)
Work from your home or where you are comfortable
Take holidays when you want

What type of freelance writer do you want to become?

Ø Web content writer 
Ø Ghostwriters
Ø SEO writer
Ø Blogger
Ø Press Release 
Ø Translation
Ø Copywriter 
Ø E-Book Writer
Ø Creative writer
Ø Scriptwriting 

Web content writer

Freelance writer as webpages writer they write for their clients. It may include the company’s policy, “about us” page, or relative content. This kind of writer should have a good knowledge of SEO so that their webpage ranks high among competitors. They must know how to promote their brand or website to their viewers. 

 A Ghostwriter

Freelance writer, A writer who writes content without showing its name. For example, if a client wants you to write an e-book that will be published with the client name or some political speeches for politicians who then deliver it by its name. A ghostwriter is the same as other types of writing like blogs, emails, e-books, etc. and all kinds of writing that a regular writer can do.

SEO writer

freelance writer, An SEO writer is much different from other types of writers. They have to take care of keywords optimization, search engine’s algorithms, and how to attract traffic. It is a bit difficult job to do because search engines keep their algorithms hide and make changes from time to time. It looks like a difficult job once you understand its mechanism this will be much easier. This job is highly appreciated and paid well.     


freelance writer, A blog may define as a journal or diary or other kinds of information found on a website. A blog mostly contains written content and may have pictures, videos, GIFs, or scans of articles in hard copy documents. A blog can be personal or public. On public blogs, a group of peoples can talk on a specific topic. Blogs sites pay per post or they make a short contract with you if they found you efficient. 

Guest-blogging is a platform to learn more about blogging and get your sample work. 

Press Release

freelance writer, A press release is a piece of information or official statement released by the Press, organizations, or business companies. A press release is mostly in written form that describes product launch, events, or other circumstances. The one who releases it, want to attract more public. So, they hire writers to do for them, to write these press releases in an attractive format so more and more audience can know about it. 


In this kind of writing, you must know different languages. Like translating an article from one language to another. There are a lot of websites on the internet looking for these kinds of writers who can translate content from native language to English in an efficient way. If you think you have good knowledge of different languages a lot of work is waiting for you.


The work of a copywriter is mostly creating advertising copy in a way that attracts more audiences and engages them to “sign up” for their target website or pages. It encourages the audience to “buy a product” Copywriters are experts in their field and may have a long contract with companies. It’s all about the experience. If you have enough experience you can try as a copywriter.

E-Book Writer

E-Books are mostly written by ghostwriters. Some authors do not have enough time to write a whole book as they have other works to deal with. So, they hire ghostwriters to get their work done. It is easy to write an e-book as compared to Copywrite or press release as authors provide you detailed information about how they want their work. It is a good and easy job to do with a good income. Do you know about freelance teacher

Freelance Ebook writer

Creative writer

Creative writing is for you if you have a creative mind and can make fiction stories or some short stories that look attractive to readers. Some websites and companies want you to write for them. Writing creative not always means fiction, you can write about yourself or if some interesting events happened to you. Earnings of a creative writer are more attractive.

Creative writer


If you think you can write a movie or drama or you have an idea in your mind how to write this kind of scripts, this is a perfect job for you. Websites are waiting for you to share your logics with them and get paid. It also includes exam scripts, quizzes, course developing, technical writing, programming scripts like coding for a specific program, etc. The earnings of this kind of work are even more than a creative writer.

Freelance writer salary

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