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Freelance editing

A Freelance editor is for finalizing the work of a writer. The final copy that went for print offline or online must be easy to read, plagiarism-free, with no grammar mistakes, punctuation errors, and according to publisher guidelines. Freelance editors can have different roles to play in their profession. 

freelance editor

The job of a freelance editor

Freelance editors can have various works depends on their clients. If a client wants to review and edit a book, a freelance editor is there, if the client demands to edit a newspaper article, you are there for him. Unlike other freelance work, editing is for experts, because the client does not want to be ashamed in front of the media or his followers. If you think you have the qualities of an editor you must approach this profession. You must have a good knowledge of your niche to perform your best. There are some most asking questions is the editing filed. Freelance editor

Can I be a freelance editor? 
What are the requirements 
What is the difference between copy- editor and prof- editor?
How can I get started as a freelance editor?

These are some scary questions that come to mind when a beginner thinks of being an editor.

Anyone can become a freelance editor 

Are you thinking, Anybody can become a proof-editor or copy-editor (if he wishes, defiantly). There is no hard-and-fast rule of becoming an editor. The only thing that matters is your grasp on English or other languages in which the article is going to published. An editor must have excellent knowledge of grammar and spellings, how to use words efficiently. The more you practice the more you learn.

Difference Between Copy-editor and Prof-editor

Copy-editor or prof-editor have a slight difference in their jobs. Copy-editor read the documents and make changes according to publisher rules. Prof-editor just read the final script before publishing if he does not find any problem then he approves the manuscripts to publish.

Requirements of being a freelance editor

There are no universal requirements of being an editor. The editor needs a flawless resume for applying and expert skills with sharp eyes to look for mistakes in documents. You must need sample work to showcase. This will be great if you built up your website.

Let’s get started as a freelance editor

If you are new to this job, you should gain some experience by working for an established company. You might work under senior editor which sometimes sucks!!!
If you think you have skills and experience as an editor, you should try these websites to get started.

Best Jobs for Freelance editors

Copy Editor

Copy editing, also called line editing, stylistic editing, or mechanical editing. Copywriting is one of the most common jobs in writing because it needs almost every type of work from book editing to web content to magazine editing. The job of the copy editor is to check grammar and spelling mistakes, sentence structure with flow and consistency. This type of writer works more on structure than the content of an article. 

Coordinating Editor

These editors are like a traffic cop. The final script is touched by many people like designers, writers, editors, photographers, translators, and proofreaders before publishing. The coordinating editor is the one who combines these all workers on one page. He knows how to work with all these workers and craft the best articles. This job requires a lot of experience and patience. This is a highly paid job.   

Comprehensive Editor

A comprehensive editor is also called as developmental or macro editing. This type of editors deals with high-rank issues. Their work is to fix problems related to paragraphs, organization, structure, and format of documents. This type of work required great skills and competent experience. Freelance editors who are writers themselves are suitable for this job.     

Fact-Checking Editor

Research is fundamental for this job. As the name describes it involves facts checking in documents and verifying that they are true. This is a technical job and if you think you can chase truth, this is a good job for you.  

Format Editor

As the name describes, this editing is based on the format of documents. The editor focuses mostly on the layout and graphics of the script. If you have some knowledge of graphic designing and text editing and you have ideas on how a script can look more attractive, this job is for you.

Translations Editor

Translation editing is also called localization editing. The editor’s main work is to focus on the culture, traditions, and international issues that are present in the manuscript. Sometimes translation is grammatically correct but its meaning is lost. Editors must know popular cultures around the world.

Permissions Editor

If you know how to manage copyrights and you have good knowledge of the book industry, this kind of editing is for you. A permissions editor must know how to obtain the right to reprint any copyrighted material that appears in documents, such as song lyrics, photos, and other kinds of information.

Manuscript Review Editor

The main focus of this type of editor is to improve the quality of content which was given to him. Manuscript review editor will rearrange the script and give valuable feedback to its publisher. This job is for authors or freelancers who have worthy experience in the publishing industry.

Production Editor

A production editor helps printers and publishers to finalize their books. Freelance production editors work with many digital printing presses like printers and typesetters to get the book out to market. It is not easy for a freelancer to get this kind of job until one has good relations with publishers.


Proofreading, also called finalizing the script. Proofreaders give the final touch to the manuscript. Their job is to check the document that was edited already. They check spelling and grammar mistakes, repetitive words, and punctuation. They also check format issues and check the titles and subtitles. And make valuable changes in the manuscript. know more about commission agent

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