Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing One of the best earning Method: Do you ever wanted to work during sleep!!! Sounds like crazy? Here is the news for you. You can do this for real!!!

Imagine you wake up in the morning and see a message on your cellphone telling you, your revenue has increased by X$.

Affiliate marketing is here to make your dream comes true. You are working as an affiliate marketer on 27/7 and you can make money any time, anywhere when you want. With affiliate marketing, you can work and sleep at the same time. This is the idea behind Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing 1
Affiliate Marketing

Definition of Affiliate Marketing

The process of promoting products of other companies. You find a product of your desire, promote it and when someone somewhere buys this product, you get your share.

You are given a unique link by the product owner and when someone clicks on that and buys a product you get your commission.


  • No investment
  • No degree required
  • Chose your desire products
  • Promote as you want
  • Everyone wins
  • Pay per purchased
  • It has no limits
  •  Works 24/7

According to a report published in Staistia U.S will spend $8.5 billion in 2022 on affiliate marketing. Now imagine how much the whole world is going to spend in affiliate marketing! You might have some questions in your mind, haven’t you?

Let’s get started!!!

How does this whole marketing stuff work?
Why people are spending so much on affiliate marketing?
Where this money comes from?
Why the seller hire an affiliate?

Affiliate marketing involves 3 parties

1. Product creator/Seller/ Brand

Also known as a merchant or retailer. This party introduces products in the market. This product could be a physical product like household goods or a service like training in developing software. This could be a large company or a smaller one. These companies do not have to actively involved in promoting their products by themselves. They have a few tactics to promote their products. They hire an affiliate firm or website to do this work for them. With this, the seller has their products advertise through-out the world.

2. The Affiliate/ Publisher/ Promoter

This is where your work starts. You got a product from the seller now it’s your turn to promote it and convince the audience to buy this product. It’s totally up to you how you promote it. You can use a website, social media accounts, or any other means you like. When a buyer ends up purchasing that product, you get your commission.


Before promoting a product you must have detailed information about your product and its creator. You must know your audience and what they like. By keeping this in mind, select your desire product and start promoting it.

3. Customer/ consumer/ end-user

Consumers or customers play a key role in affiliate marketing. Suppose if there is no one to buy a product how is this affiliate marketing gonna work? Affiliates have to convince their audience by any means necessary. Sometimes they tell them about their commission and how this whole affiliate program works and sometimes they don’t and keep their customers in dark. It doesn’t affect whether you tell them or not, the thing that matters is how you make a customer, purchase a product.

And most importantly!

Can you enter this industry?/ How much time would it take to start as a beginner?

As I mentioned earlier everyone can enter this field if he really wants. If you want to be part of this industry you have to follow some simple steps:

Select your platform

As I said above, you can promote a product on your social networks like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform you want. There are some other simple ways, you can have more audiences.

  1. By creating a website
  2. Writing a Blog
  3. Host a Youtube channel

In these ways, you may find a lot more audience then you have earlier. These ways are looks like a headache but believe me once you get into these things you goona like it. It’s not difficult to build up a website or write a blog or creating a youtube channel. You will find hundreders not thousands of tutorials on the internet on these topics. You may find different websites that offer these courses. You can contact us if you have any problem regarding these issues and we would love to help you.

Create Attractive content

Once you decide what platform(s) you are going to use, the next step is to create an eye-catching content that describes your product(s) properties, advantages, and how this product will facilitate your clients. Don’t forget to add keywords and SEO your content. This SEO content will rank your website/Blog/youtube channel up in the google ranking. The more people see your content, the more buyers you may get.

Find your niche and review your products

It looks like an easy job but some people find it rather difficult. You have to select your desire product carefully. How can you promote a product when you have absolutely no idea about it. Some things you should keep in mind:

1) You have to research extensively about your product and then write a review about it.
2) keep your content as simple as you can because not everyone can understand complex language.
3) Do Not lie!
4) stick to the point

Keeping these instructions in mind go to write a review of your product. People tend to read reviews before buying and if your reviews don’t satisfy your customers, they may lose their interest in buying your product.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

Built-up an Email list

An email list allows you to contact your audience anytime you needed. You can give update them with your recent activities/ new content or products. Make sure to engage them and build their trust, it may take some time but if you are persistent you will definitely find your fruit. Ask them to sign-in on your site, give them something valuable in reward so they wish to sign-in. Like giving them some kind of special offers/deals.

 How much you can earn?

There is no limit to how much you can earn, it’s entirely up to you how you attract clients and increase your sale. Don’t expect to earn three-figure earning as a beginner. You may find some difficulties in the start but when you get in there you will overcome all these problems and start to earn a handsome amount of money

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Affiliate Marketing2

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