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Advantage of enrolling your child to international nursery school

In the past international schools were exclusive to children of expatriate families in the host country. After they allowed local students to enroll in their schools is when the student population started to increase. Today, Asia is reported to have the fastest-growing rate of international schools. This goes to show that people have noticed the quality of education in international schools.

Traditionally, education in India has focused on rote-learning, which is seen to affect the overall development of children. Thanks to schools like GIIS Pune, which has modernized learning and focuses on the holistic development of learners. International nursery schools can benefit your child in several ways, some of which are listed below.

1. Children get individual attention in international nursery school

One thing most parents appreciate about international nursery schools, in general, is the teacher to student ratio, which is about 1:15. A low teacher to student ratio ensures that your child gets individual attention in the classroom. This means that a teacher can notice a child struggling and help them catch up with the rest of the class.

In traditional schools, you will find the teacher to student ratio is double or more than that in international schools. That is why in most cases, you will find that kids in the 8th grade who still struggle to read properly. The teacher probably never knew about it because one person can’t cater to 30 or more students simultaneously.

2. Practical learning in international nursery school

You are probably aware that preschoolers learn best through active or hands-on learning. Toddlers are incredibly energetic, and they need an outlet. International preschools are designed to accommodate a child’s nature and enhance learning at the same time. You will find children playing but reciting numbers or letters as they have fun.

Additionally, most international preschools like GIIS Pune offer the Global Montessori Program for pre-primary students. If you know about the Montessori program, you probably know that the learning materials are intentionally designed to grow every aspect of the child.

international nursery schools-softpaisa

3. Learning is student-centred

Most curriculums offered in international preschools are student-centred. What does this mean? It means that the learning process is guided and accelerated by the child’s interests and learning capability. Children are more engaged and retain more when they do things they like and enjoy. In an international preschool, a teacher will identify this interest and use it to build the child intellectually.

If a child loses interest in one activity, they are allowed to pick another and continue with the learning process. At no point can a child lose in terms of knowledge in an international school. Teachers are trained to be observant and keep relevant records of the learning progress of every child and to intervene when necessary.

4. Diverse student population

As mentioned earlier, international nursery schools were exclusive to international students whose cultures were not so different. After local students were allowed, the student population in international nursery schools became more diverse. Suddenly, students from different cultural and social backgrounds were interacting and learning about and from each other daily.

A diverse school community is beneficial because it builds cultural tolerance, appreciation and respect among students. With globalization on the rise, schools must produce students with the social values mentioned above. Exposing young kids to different cultures lets them know that the world is a mixture of beautiful people, and that’s okay.

5. New age facilities

International nursery schools are known to provide a world-class education. This means that everything, including the school amenities, is designed to provide the children with international experiences. Besides students learning from the best musicians or composers, they will be doing it in a fully equipped music room or theatre. Click for know about sports for kids

The same goes for older students; the science and mathematics labs are fully equipped with the latest devices. Students who participate in sports and other extracurricular activities do it in professionally designed facilities similar to what the students will find when they go to university or start their careers.

6. Variety of curriculums in international nursery school

Most international schools offer multiple curriculums. In some institutions like GIIS Pune, the preschool curriculum is different from the primary school one. In other schools, a student can choose to continue with the curriculum they started with in preschool. It is essential, however, for parents to know the details of each curriculum and how your child stands to benefit from it.

The truth is that some curriculums like the Montessori program are known to be the best preschool curriculum in the world. It is important to note that all curriculums have their pros and cons. The bottom line is for your child to get an excellent educational foundation, no matter the school.

With the above in mind, to ensure that your child is set up for success, you must take the time to do ample research on schools. There are so many options of international schools in India today, and picking one might be challenging. Remember to prioritize your child’s needs when looking for a school.

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