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Want To Become A Freelance Teacher / Tutor ?

Some Trending Facts

Now the world is moving toward a “NEW DIGITAL WORLD”. And because of the Corona Virus, no doubt its speed has increased many folds. Thanks to lock-down, people are restricted to their homes. More and more people are turning towards the digital world. They are unable to go to restaurants, shopping malls, grocery stores, and even to their schools, colleges, and universities. One thing they do is to open their cellphones and laptops to shop online, there they can find almost everything they wish. So online business is increasing day by day just like Corona Virus cases. As in the case of Amazon, its sale has increased by 26% after this Pandemic and became the number one E-commerce organization.

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Stay Home and Earn Money

As the world is digitizing, you must also. Like every other filed, The education system is also digitalizing and the world is moving toward online learning. Almost every school, college, and university are now delivering online lectures. So, the demand for online tutors has increased many times. If you think you have the ability to teach, you must try for an online tutor job as a freelancer. There are hundreds of teaching jobs laying on the internet, waiting for you. You can apply in a teaching organization for a long term job or you can do it as a freelancer.

Freelance Teacher/Tutor

As you know a freelancer works at his demand. You can set your schedule according to your wish, you can charge per hour, per day or month, as you like. You can choose your salary.

Freelance Teacher
Freelance Teacher

Earn respect and money at the same time

You’re Duties

Before Applying for a Freelance teacher, you must know some important duties you have to fulfill if you want to become a successful freelance teacher/Tutor.

  • Choose your course Wisely
  • Well-Prepared lesson plan and study material
  • Understand your students’ nature
  • Engage your students with extra-curricular activities
  • Evaluate your students
  • Make regular reports on the activities of your students and share it with students guardians
  • Be updated with the latest Affairs around the world
  • Skills Needed as a Freelance teacher

As Mr. Arthur Ward said “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires”.  As a successful teacher, you not only know what to teach but also how to teach. It doesn’t matter if you have a high level of education if you are unable to deliver your knowledge with others. So as a good teacher you must reach the mind of your students. Who is freelance writer

Some mandatory skills you required

  • A higher level of education with experience in the relevant subject
  • Be Polite with your students
  • Keep your lecture as simple as you can
  • Explain every bit of your lecture
  • Must have analytical skills
  • Inspire your students
  • Help your weak students properly
  • Have excellent leadership
  • Be patient and listen to your students
  • Sharpen your skills constantly
  • A teacher must passionate about his job

Some Flaws of Freelance teacher/Tutor

There surly are some drawbacks of Freelance teacher/Tutor:

  • No Colleagues to share your lunch with
  • No Staff meeting
  • No  health Insurance
  • No Friends
  • No Chit-chat

These are some negativity about Freelance teacher and I think you can overcome this very easily.

Salary of a Freelance Teacher/Tutor

Honestly!!! There is no limit to a freelancer teacher salary. It’s entirely up to a person, how much he can earn. People are earning millions of U.S Dollars in as a freelancer. As a Teacher, it’s up to you, how much time you spend on teaching. You can charge hourly, Daily, or weekly. As in 2017, the average salary of a teacher was more than 63 thousand dollars. It’s only a matter of time and experience when you got some experience as a freelance teacher/tutor, you can increase your rate. As you see in the fig below, some people are earning up to $87k you can be one o  f them.

freelance teacher salary

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