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5 Incredibly Unique Ways to Tell Your Brand Story on Instagram

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Every brand story has a voice to be heard and a story to be told. It is crucial for you to perceive your business brand as a human being. Let your Brand Story voice its opinion; allow it to come up with a well-knit story, business presence and creative flow of words that could turn your potential clients into loyal customers in the long run. Now, the question is, how would you pull this off? In today’s world of rapid digitization, every single thing under the sun is available online. From academic homework help platforms to food delivery chains; it’s an endless list.

So, I feel safe to assume that you must have heard the name of Instagram? This is apparently one of the fastest growing social networking sites with great potential in the matter of sending global messages across different communities, people and events.

Now that you have a thriving business that needs to be nurtured and backed by the right business mantras and exposure, how about embracing Instagram as your go to platform? If you wish to fetch the coveted exposure for your business in a way it is supposed to, invest some time in reading this blog and know how to game up your trade life as a boss.

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1. Make it easy for your audience to place orders

What do you generally do or feel like while going about an E-commerce site? Chances are that you would probably end up deciding on checking out a couple of items and make purchases accordingly. That’s where the catch is. If we are to perceive things from a customer’s perspective, every single being on earth attempts to purchase at least one product during their tenure on the website.

Now, imagine yourself as a consumer who would look for Smartphone devices on a particular website? You must have visited the site with an intention to make a purchase, right? Now how would you feel if you do not find a “Place Order” or “Buy Now” option on the website? You must be disappointed or feel like leaving the website right away.

This is exactly why you need proper checkout options for your site or the business page you would deal with.  Simply move on to the Instagram business page and start sharing “Stories” in the form of promotional content. Most importantly, Instagram, these days, is offering new gift cards and food ordering stickers.

So, you can always leverage the potential of such add-ons and share your brand’s Instagram story, along with adding up quick ordering stickers for seamless checkouts for every potential consumer.

2. Tell brand stories, but do not overdo things

Yes, the truth is, everybody loves to listen to stories, but nobody enjoys listening to “boring” stories. Every interesting story turns out to be boring and drab, if the narrator ends up exaggerating way too much or lay unnecessary stress on irrelevant topics.(Brand Story)

According to Mark Willson, expert of Allessaywriter, when you are narrating your brand story on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, you got to be quite careful and promote your trade in the following manner.

  • Come up with interactive infographics , along with industry-friendly and relevant hashtags.
  • Avoid sounding pushy or overly promotional in your Instagram posts.
  • These posts are meant to be short yet impactful, corporate yet creative.
  • Begin with stating or highlighting consumer pain points.
  • Once you are done with it, move on to the aspect of acknowledging consumer pain points in the form of solutions, your service or product would offer.

Now, make it a point to follow up with the stories you had narrated earlier or the Instagram post that was circulated a couple of months back.(Brand Story)

3. Share positive stories and motivate people around you

Most amateur businessmen and startups end up focusing way too much on the aspect of making direct sales in the form of sharing and circulating pushy business taglines. And, that’s where they go wrong most of the time. The purpose of business promotion shouldn’t solely rest on the fundamentals of direct promotion and revenue generation. 

Every business unit must acknowledge client concerns as well. Here’s how you can share positivity and spread happy vibes among Instagram Brand Story users.

  • Come up with relevant posts that talk about challenges and how to overcome the same.
  • Also, you can come up with short stories in the form of textual graphics and tag relevant industry personalities and other clientele so that they can have a look at the posts.
  • Pertaining to the present-day condition of the COVID-19 criticality, you can share health and awareness posts in an effort to show concerns and send across safety messages.

The idea is to make an effort to think beyond merely making money. Every trader has some responsibilities towards society. So, make sure to raise your concerns and help your target audience tread in the right direction at the end of the day. Make More Fans in Instagram with your Brand Story.

4. Initiate a healthy conversation in the first place

This is important. Nothing can beat the effectiveness of a healthy conversation, irrespective of the fact whether you choose to initiate it for business or personal reasons. Here, in this context, you can always try out conversing with the Instagram (Brand Story) audience in the following ways.

  • Instagram has got some cool countdown stickers.
  • You can always use them in order to create and boost engagements among target consumers.
  • Also, you can use question stickers to ask your users how they are feeling or what their feedback is regarding a new product launch or other services.

Simply make your Instagram (Brand Story) posts engaging, interactive and conversational in every aspect, and voila! You’ll get to ensure more client engagements and turnover rates than ever before.

Author Bio: Henry Howkins is an experienced academic writer, dedicated to providing personalized assignment help on behalf of the digital platform Also, he is a freelance blogger and digital marketing consultant, coming all the way from Chicago, the United States.

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