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5 Recommended JavaScript Frameworks for 2020

The framework is sometimes described as an “unfinished application” because it is only a rough framework for the application.

By using the framework in JavaScript, you can reuse the existing application design, which makes programming more efficient. In addition, frequently used processes have already been created, and it is possible to build original functions by adding or extending functions to them.

As an analogy, consider making clothes. In terms of the process of making clothes, the framework is a pattern. If you want to make a T-shirt, you can use the T-shirt pattern, and if you want to make a dress, you can use the one-piece pattern to easily make practical clothes.

5 Recommended JavaScript Frameworks for 2020
Here are 5 recommended JavaScript frameworks. We will also explain the advantages of each framework, so please refer to it.

JavaScript Frameworks-softpaisa

① React

React is a JavaScript frameworks used to build UI parts for websites, developed and provided by Facebook. It is very popular among various JavaScript frameworks and is often compared with jQuery and Angular, which will be introduced later. Also, because it is open source software, you can hire dedicated reactJS developers hence anyone can use it for free.

The advantages of React are as follows:

◎ Component Oriented

React is component-oriented and treats the look and feel of a feature as a set of components, making it easy to manage and reuse. This is a great advantage because it can reduce development man-hours.

◎ Learn Once, Write Anywhere

React can be installed in any web application, so once you learn it, you can easily use it in any development scene. Also, when adding a new function, there is no need to rewrite other code, so it is easy to handle.

◎ Virtual DOM can be used

Virtual DOM is a rendering feature built into React. By using this function, only the changed part of the code is rendered, so you can achieve high-speed operation.

② Angular

Angular is a full-stack JavaScript Frameworks developed by search engine giant Google. Angular supports most of the functionality you need to develop web applications.

The advantages of Angular are as follows:

◎ Has a bidirectional data binding function

Angular has two-way data binding capabilities, so hire angular developer and you can write programs with less code. When creating a program in Web application development, it is common to first acquire HTML elements, process them as data, and then reflect the data on the screen. However, if you use bidirectional data binding, HTML elements are automatically processed, so you can reduce the number of steps.

◎ Adoption of MVW

Angular also has the advantage of using MVW. MVW is a combination of the acronyms Model (data), View (screen), and Whatever (everything), and is one of the ideas for application design. Since the roles of data, screen, and controller are separated and not mixed, smooth application design can be realized.

◎ High productivity

Overall, Angular is highly productive. There is some inflexibility, but if you fit into the type you are good at, you can develop overwhelmingly faster than other frameworks.

③ Vue

Vue is a JavaScript frameworks that allows you to build UIs for web applications. It is used in many scenes of front-end development.

Another reason for its popularity is that it is open source software and can be used for free.

The advantages of Vue are as follows.

◎ Low learning cost

The first advantage of Vue is its low learning cost. Due to the small size of the framework, there is not much to remember when using it. If you have knowledge of JavaScript, you can learn it in a few hours.

◎ Bidirectional data binding

Vue is a framework that has the same bidirectional data binding functionality as Angular. It will reduce the burden on developers.

◎ Supports various development scales

Vue can be used for developments of all sizes. It is highly versatile because it is often used not only for small-scale development such as individual projects but also for large-scale development.

④ jQuery

jQuery is a JavaScript Frameworks developed by American programmer John Resig. It was developed to make it easy to write JavaScript code. Therefore, it is easier to program than using the original JavaScript.

The advantages of jQuery are as follows.

◎ It is hard to be influenced by the type of browser

The advantage of jQuery is that it is not easily affected by the type of browser. In Japan, various browsers such as Google, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc. are used, and the specifications differ for each browser, so if you write in normal JavaScript, the code may not work or it may not work as expected. There is a case. However, jQuery can solve these problems because it automatically adjusts to your browser.

◎ Ajax can be used

Ajax is an abbreviation for Asynchronous JavaScript + XML, which means that data exchange with the server is processed asynchronously.

Normally, when communicating with the server using JavaScript, submit processing (synchronous processing) is performed. Therefore, when the screen changes and switches on a Web page etc., the screen freezes until the result of the next page is returned.

On the other hand, with Ajax, you can perform input operations on the Web screen even when the results are not returned, which is very convenient depending on the Web service you create. With jQuery, you can use asynchronous processing and synchronous processing, so you have more choices.Click for Powerful programming languages

◎ Can be extended with a plug-in

jQuery can be extended with various plugins. Plugins can be used to easily implement the displays and functions that are often found on websites, which can be expected to improve efficiency.

⑤ Backbone

Backbone is one of the well-known JavaScript frameworks. It is a framework that was provided in June 2010 and was widely used around 2012-2013.

◎ Adopt MVC

MVC is a combination of the acronyms for Model (data), View (screen), and Controller (controller), and refers to managing each separately. It is a framework suitable for large-scale development because it is more efficient and easier to divide and take over.

◎ High degree of freedom

Backbone is a framework with few rules and a high degree of freedom. On the other hand, there are no restrictions, which can lead to complicated writing if the developer is not careful.

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