5 Factors Why CBSE Students Must Consider Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship


Known for his calm nature and forever smiling face, Dr Kalam is an inspiration to many today and will continue to be so. His struggle to become a scientist, his passion for teaching and his down to earth attitude after becoming the president, helped him win many hearts.

In today’s a world where technology has become a part of our life, understanding it and being passionate about gadgets is a habit that many students have inculcated. There has been a natural inclination towards understanding gadgets, applications and other digital tools. Honouring the same young tech geeks, GIIS offers the Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship to encourage these young talents in the digital space.

The GIIS Dr. Abdul Kalam Scholarship

The scholarship is aimed towards building more scientist and technology passionate youth in India. Open for the grade 6-12, the scholarship is for the CBSE curriculum students for one year. It is offered on all the GIIS campuses, including in Surat.

Five reasons why CBSE students must consider this Scholarship:

1. Honours your passion

Normally due to a lack of resources and knowledge, the parents cannot understand what their kids might be interested in. Through the Dr Abdul Kalam scholarship, GIIS honours little ones’ passion and helps encourage them to take their passion forward. It uplifts the confidence of the students and motivates them to follow their passion wholeheartedly.

2. Provides guidance

While there is enough data available about technology on the internet, alone on one guidance helps students understand better. GIIS helps in providing this guidance to students with the help of their expert team. All these students require is guidance in the right direction before they can do it themselves.

3. Global exposure

GIIS has campuses around the world, with the best technology, experienced teachers and focus on personality development of students. GIIS, through its various campuses, offers the students global exposure so that they understand what is going on around the world and are better prepared for what the future has in store for them.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship-softpaisa

4. Platform for your talent

Alone, you can learn, but together you can understand. Through the GIIS scholarship, you get to interact with like-minded students who are passionate about technology. It helps in providing a platform where you can learn and grow.

5. A better future

Future belongs to those who prepare for it today, so the students must be provided guidance, exposure and a platform which prepares them for a better future. GIIS offers all these along with financial support to complete their studies. The scholarship is also a buoyant charm on your resume, which helps get better colleges and jobs later in life.

These are all the benefits that the Dr APJ Abdul Kalam scholarship will provide to all the students who are completing their curriculum through the CBSE board.

What is the eligibility criteria?

It offered at GIIS is for technology-savvy students and have a natural inclination towards understanding g gadgets, applications, and other digital tools. It recognizes all the young talents in the digital space and encourages them to pursue their dream. Click for CBSE School in Noida

While the APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship is available for all the students, there is eligibility the criterion that one must follow to apply for the same.

Some of the criteria are as follows:

1. The students must be an Indian Citizen.

2. The student must have represented at a national or international or regional forum in any of the below-given categories and must provide relevant proof of the same.

a) Should have written a paper, thesis or published documents.

b) Should have invented or innovated a tool/ gadget related to digital space like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Robotics, Coding, App-making, BlockChain, etc.

3. Academic performance of the past two years.

4.  Scholarship Test and Interview (If Applicable).

ā€¨Based on the above criteria, all the eligible students are selected, who receive the APJ Abdul Kalam scholarship to finance their emergencies. The scholarship awarded to students is categorized into three categories. For all the categories, the scholarship value and the eligibility criteria vary slightly, which are mentioned below:

Category 1: Scholarship Value: A 20% scholar ship of the tuition fee is offered.

Category 2: Scholarship Value: 15% of the tuition fee is offered as a scholar ship.

Category 3: Scholarship Value: 10% of the tuition fee is offered as a scholar ship.


If your kid is someone who has a digital inclination of mind, and you want him/her to get the right guidance, the DR Kalam Scholarship offered by GIIS is the first step that will help your kid travel the journey of life smoothly and with ease.

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