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4 Tips to Make Money by Playing Video Games

Is it all true? Can you really devote yourself to playing video games and make money while doing it? To simply answer your question in a single word, Yes! It is doable. In fact, many people are doing this. In recent years, the video game industry has evolved a lot. This has given rise to many modern platforms that allow people to step into the world of professional gaming and make a career out of it.

4 Tips to Make Money Playing Video Games

Before getting to the tips, you must know that nothing comes easy in life. You will have to work for it to achieve success. Even if it is playing video games! You must be able to put in all of your efforts to be able to make your mark on the gaming community. Now, let’s get to the good part and discuss some ways that will help you turn your passion for video gaming into a career.

Video games-softpaisa

1. Launch Your YouTube Channel  

This is one of the simplest ways to make money while playing video games. All you have to do is upload a significant amount of video content for your viewers to enjoy. You can even choose to dedicate your channel to a single game or can play different titles.

Please remember that the subscriber count matters here. So, as long as you have a strong following and are getting good views on your videos, you will be able to generate a smart income via the platform. There is a variety of different formats that you can choose from to make video content such as, reviews, commentaries, highlights, and walkthroughs.

However, before you think about this, make sure that you have a strong internet connection that can help you upload videos on the platform. If you are subscribed to a network that doesn’t offer good upload speed or if it breaks often then you won’t be able to do much. I remember when my friend started his YouTube channel, he experienced multiple connectivity issues. He then simply opted for one of the Spectrum internet plans. Things are now working fine for him.

2. Live Stream on Twitch

If uploading videos on YouTube sounds like a lot of work, then why not try live streaming on Twitch. The best thing about this is that it will allow you to add a more personal touch to the content. Plus, you will be able to interact with your viewers as they watch you play video games. If you want to opt for this option then the first thing you will be required to do is to invest in a powerful PC that can let you live stream.

You would be using different software as well while live streaming your gameplay. As far as the earning part is concerned, you would be doing it through the donations you receive and viewer subscriptions. Make Money with Snapchat

3. Build or Join a Professional eSports Team

Why not?! If you love video gaming then it is certainly is an option worth considering. Plus, with Dota 2 frequently organizing international tournaments with a prize pool of billions of dollars, the world has no choice but to take the professional gamers seriously. Before building your own eSports team, it is recommended that you become a part of one as it will help you know about the ins-and-outs of the process. Just a little heads up,

if you want to choose this path then know that it will require you to exhibit insane efforts to up your gaming level to a point where scouts can easily spot you. So, get ready to put in some serious hard work and dedication if you want to go this route!

4. Become A Video Game Tester

Yes, that’s a thing! And the best thing is that if you are really passionate about video games then you can easily become a tester. This job is quite identical to reviewing games on online platforms. You will be required to look for bugs in the gameplay or any glitches that may contribute to a bad gaming experience. You would be required to view every detail very carefully. If you want to become a video game tester then you will have to apply for the role. This job can pay you really well.


These are just some of the ways through which you can make a living while playing video games. There are many other ways that can help you live your dreams of becoming a professional gamer. However, just make sure that you have access to an uninterrupted internet plan like Spectrum packages as it matters a lot. And make sure it is economical and doesn’t eat up a large chunk out of your earnings!

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