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4 Reasons Why You Must Use Ad Extensions In Google Ads

Google AdWords is the most significant advertising channel used by a majority of advertisers to promote their business with ease. Amongst so many ad developing platforms online, Google powered channel catches the attraction of the users due to its cost-effective features. Though it has a few drawbacks that compel the advertisers to look for other options, it doesn’t upset the small and medium-sized businesses.

Google ads often demand ad extensions. The ad creators of a PPC management company in Delhi often focus on choosing proper ad extensions so as to build more prominence and get more clicks and user interactions.

Want to know more about these ad extensions? Keep reading the article till you reach the end. In the end, you will have a great take away.

ad extensions

4 Strong reasons to use ad extensions

  1. Ad rich with information: Ad extensions, as the name suggests, are all about the extended information that is included in a Google ad. These can be your contact information, price packages, service-based data, social media profile, and so on. All such information makes the ad much more appealing on Google.

The more are the extensions in an ad, the better is the ad performance. It becomes easier for an ad to drive the right audience and convey the right information to potential clients or viewers. That’s the specialty of using such extensions. Such an ad never lets you miss out on any information related to the brand and the ad itself. Get Clients for a digital marketing agency

  • Improving ad ranking: Do you know ad extensions are also responsible for improving the Google ranking of the ad? Usually, PPC ads are displayed at the very top of the search engine result page. But even between the ads, there goes a competition – which ad will be displayed above and which will remain below.

To make sure that your business ad gets more visibility, adding such extensions are essential. This helps to improve the digital presence of the ad, build more brand credibility, and simultaneously increase the chance of getting more traffic. Quite obvious that a Google ad drawing so much relevant traffic will be highlighted at the top ranking position on the SERPs. 

  • Make the ad more authenticate: Putting more and more information about your brand, profile, and advertisement, you are basically making your ad much more credible along with your business. The more information you add, the more people will find your business ad reliable and accessible.

The extensions are the best way to make your ad more authenticated. With the help of these extensions, you are actually putting business information like your business location, contact details, social profiles, and so on. All these increase the trust in the brand and encourage the potential clients to click on the ad and visit the landing page for further action.

  • Increases CTR: CTR or click-through rates are the most essential metric to monitor. In a PPC ad campaign, this remains at the top of the list that includes different performance metrics. Ad extensions are highly responsible for improving the ad CTR for a brand. We know, how important it is to have a good CTR and how desperate you are to bring the best out of it. That’s what ad extensions do for you.

By drawing the attention of the audience, improving the brand impression, and showing high credibility, ad extensions ensure improving the customer retention rate for an ad. It makes sure the visitor scrolling the ad with an interest in your brand and services, clicks the ad, and goes through the landing page with a definite purpose. This improves the number of clicks, number of traffic, number of conversions, and number of quality leads.

Take Away

Ad extensions are available in multiple varieties. Some prominent ones are location extensions, call out extensions, sitelink extensions, call extensions, price extensions, and snippet extensions. All these ad extensions make the overall ad much more appealing, driving a huge sale to the business.

Still confused, how to use the ad extensions in your Google ads? You can look for PPC experts who are specialized in performing the job with perfection. A well-experienced digital marketing service provider can provide you with the best support and guidance. Make sure you hire PPC marketing and management services from the company.

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