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Today call centers play the most crucial part in providing customer support or clarification of any customer query. Also, with the increasing number of IT startups every day, businesses entirely rely on their call centers to provide back end support and fetch all the ratings they can. Hence, it has become a great necessity to provide frequent refresher and up-gradation training programs to the agents working for the call centers.

Human resource heads or the management panel can then utilize this time spend with the agents enlightening them about all the new business strategies developed and all the new methodologies of attending calls, which would result in better customer satisfaction.

There are a lot of processes happening around a call center. Call Queuing is certainly one of them. Whenever a customer reaches the call center in search of support, he/she is initially introduced to an automated IVR menu that would navigate the customer to his/her right department. Meanwhile, the call queuing system takes care of the wait time and lines up the calls depending on their time and priority.

Doing so enables a call center to handle busy hours of the day. Instead of simply handing up on a customer, this queue system allows the agent to wrap a call and attend the next one. Hence, it is of supreme most priority to find out the best ways to do so. A little help can be gathered from the 10 incredible ways mentioned in this article.

Call Center

1. Time-Based Call Routing Facility

Using a time-based call routing facility enables call centers to create schedules. Depending on the time of the day, calls can be then routed to these business hours. For instance, all the opening calls of the day can reach the day staff of the call center whereas the calls after a certain period of the day can be attended by the agents working at night. During mid-day, an answering machine can take care of all the chores. With a scheduled call routing facility, all the customers reaching the center will be given equal importance, and no calls will be unattended or go unnoticed.

2. Answering Machine

Another ideal way for a better call queuing system is to have an auto-attendant. An answering machine has to be the most powerful tool in today’s call centers. They have the ability to answer calls automatically whenever an agent is found busy. Also, an answering machine can redirect a call to its concerned team and provide answers to a few of the frequently asked questions. The most beautiful part of one such system is that unlike human agents, auto attendants can answer a call 24*7/365. Besides that, an automatic answering machine can also be used to route calls based on their language, schedule, department, and priority.

3. Offering an IVR Self-Service to the Customers

A considerable way to call queuing in a call center is by offering customers reaching the center with an IVR self-service at their disposal. With advancements in technology, IVRs these days are highly developed and greatly optimized. They have become so smart that customers actually enjoy using the facility of self-service. The only point that one needs to keep ready in this way is by having the option of call forwarding available just in case if the IVR fails to assist the caller.

4. Don’t Keep Callers in the Dark

Your call center should be the solution to customer problems, a ray of light in their dark tunnel. Hence, it is never a good practice to keep callers waiting in the Dark. Even if the designated agent cannot attend a particular call at a given a point of time, a substitute agent can keep the caller informed about all the new things happening with the company. Agents can also inform customers regarding all the new offers and package plans that the business is going to soon come up with.

5. Informing Callers about their Wait Time

No one likes to wait in the lobby of a busy call center. However, in that case, if there is no possible way to attend the call, callers need to be notified about their waiting time. Doing so will enable the caller to get back to what he/she was doing and only return to the call according to the wait time provided.

6. Hold Music and Announcements

Playing music and brand announcements to customers reaching a call center is the oldest and by far the best way to call queuing. A queuing software allows the call center to do so. They can upload their brand jingles or shuffle a few of the current billboard top charts to their callers.

7. Using a Call Queuing Software

By using a call queuing software, a call center can offer its customers several exclusive features that come with one such software. A queuing software can be used to either notify the customers with their wait time or keep them engaged by logging their feedback about the brand and the quality of service they are providing.

8. Frequent Announcements

Often a caller reaches the call center, and as soon as they face a queue, they put the call over the speaker and get involved with what they were doing. Call center during this time can announce them their queue position frequently so that none of them miss their turns.

9. Frequent Testing of the Call Queuing System

Call centers can live up to their name and expectation by only providing an exceptional experience to their customers. To achieve this, call centers themselves should periodically check their queuing facility and about its functioning during full load conditions.

10. Smart Call Forwarding

Last but never least, and another incredible way towards a better call queuing management system is by smart forwarding customer calls to the top-rated agent available during that moment. Customers would be pleased to have the opportunity to do so and will leave fabulous ratings at the end of the call. Click for Redmi smartphones.

Final Words

It is believed that the better you handle your call queuing, the more brownie points you receive from the customers calling your center. We hope you will like the details published here and try to use some of those at your call center for astonishing results with customer satisfaction.

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